Attract Clients Without Being Perfect

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If you're a life coach and you're stuck in trying to attract clients, one reason I've heard consistently is you feel you don't know enough. You need to learn more before you can charge for your services or charge a higher price. This is a lie. You already know enough. Probably a lot more than what you're charging. You don't need to be perfect to get started.

I'm not Sherlock Holmes, but my guess is that you are already a life coach, you already know how to help people, you know how to create breakthroughs for people and you already provide value in what you currently know. If only half of the above is true, then you already know enough to attract clients. Why? Because you can provide value! You don't need to be Tony Robbins or Dr. Phil. You already have value and you can start getting clients right away.

Even if it was true that you didn't know enough, that's not a problem. Because you could easily learn very quickly. Let's say you wanted to learn Spanish from scratch. Well, you could be speaking Spanish within six months if you were committed to learning it. You wouldn't speak like a native, but you would be able to communicate. And that's the point.

Life coaching is no different. Even with not knowing anything, you could learn the basics of coaching fairly quickly. You could learn from mentors, take life coaching courses, practice your skill and get better every day. Within six months you would know way more than enough to begin charging for your services and to attract clients.

But none of that matters because my hunch is that you already know enough, and you know it. So what's holding you back is something else entirely. It's your BELIEF that you don't know enough, not your supposed lack of knowledge. If you want to be free of this and get unstuck, then your focus needs to shift to transforming your belief.

The idea that you don't know enough is usually linked with other beliefs too -- beliefs like not feeling good enough, needing to be perfect, and not feeling like you can make mistakes. Another belief is that you have to be like Tony Robbins or Mother Theresa in the value you provide and cause people to levitate before you can begin charging. This is all bogus. You must learn to embrace and claim the value you already have. You can make a powerful difference right now for people, and people would expect to pay you for it.

A baby learns how to walk by falling down. Often. Repeatedly. A baby walks, falls down and gets back up. Over and over. Because the baby is going to walk. The baby doesn't cry because it can't walk. How many eight-year-olds do you know who can't walk because they kept falling down?

This means you must learn to be as the baby. You must learn to make mistakes to master your craft. You must embrace your mistakes and imperfections. You also must realize that you already have tons of value with what you know and can do right now. You already have it. It's already within you. In spite of what you don't know, even if you're not omnipotent like God just yet.

Your next step is to start right now in making LOTS of mistakes. You need to gain experience. You need to get the understanding of it in your body just like a baby gains it in his/her legs. You need to begin practicing and being OK with your mistakes. If you do, you'll make loads of progress and increase your capacity in huge chunks. And soon, the belief of not knowing enough will be long forgotten.
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Attract Clients Without Being Perfect

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This article was published on 2010/11/25