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Are you sometimes scared when walking home at night? Maybe you are walking home after a late night course or from work and you have to walk home alone in the dark? It is also true that as a girl you are more vulnerable and the threat from an attacker feels present and constantly worrrying. So what do you do? What can make you feel better and vastly improve your safety in the street? Learning self defense that is what you need. If you learn Girls Self Defense you will not only feel safer but you will also be safter. So read on and learn how to take the first step.

You are not the only one who feels unsafe when walking the streets. Many girls feel this way and for a reason. We live in a rough world and there are desperate people out there. Murderers, rapists and thiefs who couldn't care less about what happens to you as long as they get whatever valuables you might have. Men also carry this fear and they are also at risk, but girls and women are still more at risk to be attacked or raped.

So how do you protect yourself? How can you protect yourself in the street? There are a few different steps to take in order to improve your safety. The first thing you must learn is awareness. Awareness means that you are aware of your surroundings, that you are observant of the situation around you and the potential dangers that it poses. Secondly you must learn what to do and how to react if you really do get attacked. Knowing what to do can be difference between being seriously injured, raped or even killed and being able to escape without harm. So let us take a look at awareness and fending off an attack.

If you are aware it means that you for example anticipate. You keep a distance from the wall of a sidewalk as someone might be lurking in an alley on the side, this way you will have some margin and you might discover the threat in time. Certain backstreets should be avoided if there are no other people around, better to take a longer way around it. You might in certain cases take a taxi instead of walking. When you are alone  try to stick to places where there are other people. You will be safer with people around you and this way you can also get help if needed.

You also have to learn what to do if someone does attack you. Attacks often comes unexpected as the attacker uses his advantage of surprise. However if you react in a way that he does not expect it will give you an advantage as this is something he is not used to. A few simple moves will give you the time needed to get out of there in safety. Here is what to do:


  • Make a lot of noise. This will distract the attacker and you might also get attention from people nearby. In some cases this might even be enough to scare of your attacker
  • Find one of his week spots and attack it. It does not matter how big or strong he is if you kick him in the groin or put a finger in his eye this will still hurt him. Your advantage is that he does not expect you to do this. Most people simply freeze and are unable to offer any resistance.


  • Use anything you have got in order to fend him off. You are wearing high heeld shoes? Stomp him on the foot with your heel. Use your purse to whack him in the face or throat. Use an umbrella, your keys or anything else that might cause him harm. Just don't spend any time searching for weapons, you do not have time for that.

To summarize, self defense is easier than you think, you simply need the right training. You need to learn a few simple methods to fend an attacker off and you need to get the right mindset so that you really act in an emergency and not freeze and be unable to act. A good self defense course will teach this. It is really a good idea as this will not only improve your safety but it will also take a weight of your mind and make you feel more at ease and give you more confidence.

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There is a lot more to be said about self defense. Learning girls self defense will improve not only your safety but also your life in general. This is because it will give you peace of mind and self confidence. So to learn Girls Self Defense, you could check out this website: here you will find a lot more info on how to learn really simple, effective self defense

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Girls Self Defense

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This article was published on 2011/12/11