Learning Guitar Rather Than Learning Songs

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One of the key motivations of learning how to play guitar is obvious. It's playing different songs that you enjoy. Doing that can make guitar a very fun hobby to do. And to be honest, its probably one of the main reasons people first pick up the guitar. Its a great motivating factor. This factor, however, can actually slow down your learning quite a bit if its done the wrong way.

There are so many techniques out there to learning how to play guitar. Some start by teaching theory, some focus on chords, and some just teach others how to play their favorite songs. The problem with the latter, is that once you learn a few of your favorite songs, your 1.)going to get sick of it after a while, and 2.) your not going to have any clue what to do when you want to learn more. I completely understand that learning the basics can be hard at times, and its a lot easier just to learn a few simple songs to keep you satisfied for a bit, but trust me, its a ton more fulfilling in the long run, if you actually learn how to play the guitar, rather then just songs.

The difference between the two is simple. When you just learn a song, without knowing what your actually doing on the guitar, you are completely limited to just playing that, and nothing else. If you learn how to play the guitar, including chord progressions, scales, etc...then you can play any song you want, and even create your own, which takes playing guitar to a whole new level.

Over all, the people that don't have much patience will be all about just learning a few songs. Its the people who sincerely love music, and want to learn as much as they can, that stick with it and work hard at it, to learn songs, and to also learn the guitar.

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Learning Guitar Rather Than Learning Songs

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This article was published on 2010/04/01