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Making sure that you have quality products for your oil painting is very important. The basic items include, paint, brushes, thinners, canvas and primers. Is there any way to tell what quality your materials are?
There is a big learning curve with anything, and the same can be said about your materials. Essentially, you want to find the materials that you are comfy with.
When it comes to picking a canvas, work with a size that you are comfortable with. The comes the quality, which when you first start painting, don’t spend too much time focusing on it. Make sure that the canvas you buy is decent enough to last in case you love your first painting. You will also need to prime the canvas for the oil use.
Brushes are the key to painting well. I recommend using a hog’s hair brush because they work great with thick paint. Try out all different kinds and sizes to find which works best for you.
You’ll need a good thinner to clean your brushes between colors. And now the paints. Whenever you are buying oil paints, buy quality. Start with primary colors, then add the misc. colors to your collection later.
A big part of painting is learning the methods, and if you are like 95% of people out there, you can’t afford a tutor or have the time/money to take courses at your local college or trade school. What which are the cheaper and convenient options?
If you want to learn how to paint, then the perfect program for you is Learn and Master Painting by Gayle Levee . Imagine if you could learn at your own pace inside your house? Can you ask your tutor to repeat something over again because you have to take a phone call!
Learn and Master also has other quality courses such as Learn and Master Ballroom Dance and Learn and Master Piano. Instead of me talking this product up, I’ll let you read what the professionals say about them in the review of Learn & Master Piano and Learn & Master Ballroom Dance Review at a site like ReviewMOZ.org.

Before you secure an online painting program, check out the Learn and Master Painting Review. With an industry leading reputation, and very happy customers, Learn and Master Painting is a great deal.

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Learning How to Paint

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This article was published on 2010/10/23