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Competitions are very vital for overall growth of students. They bring the best out of the students and push them to perform to the best of their capabilities. However in the present scenario, looking at the ruthless competitions, that students sail through, they seem to be much of a burden. Today, the competition in schools has gone to a level it has never gone before. Students in the present scenario seem to be carrying a lot of pressure on their shoulders, to perform well, especially in academics.

Through this piece of article I would lay down some effective learning tips that would help you excel in academics and outshine your peers. Below are some of the key points-

1. Learn in multiple ways: Don’t learn just from a single source, learn in multiple ways. Besides books, also learn from online courses, audio files, etc. Although books have their own significance and they can never be replaced, the immense power of other modes of learning must also be acknowledged. Animated online courses have emerged out to be very efficient tools of learning. The animation draws a distinct picture or the concept in the mind of the students and hence helps them retain maximum of what they learn. Similarly audio files helps pulls together your concentration and help you learn even on the move.

2. Learn through jingles and mnemonics: Although using jingles and mnemonics for learning sounds quite childish, yet it is considered as one of the most effective techniques of learning, especially when one gets stuck with something. Long lists, unrelated words, awkward names, etc are easy to learn with the help of jingles and mnemonics. Otherwise a person often tends to either forget such information or jumble up the chronology.

3. Teach others: Teaching others what you have learnt is a good method of revising. Students often fail to revise honestly. They peep into the books every now and then while revising. However, when you teach others you recall everything, make the other person understand the concept and hence help yourself by revising honestly. It also helps in gaining popularity in the school as students start considering you as a helpful person and a true friend.

4. Adhere to optimum self discipline: It is very important to adhere to the finest degree of self discipline while doing home study. Your learning will neither be effective nor efficient unless. Students often tend watch T.V, play games, and do other entertaining activities in between their studies and take breaks very often. This not only slows down your speed of learning but also deteriorates your efficiency of learning. Hence it is important to adhere to strict self discipline.

5. Learn concepts with practical applicability: Don’t just mug up, rather understand the concepts along with their practical applicability. This helps you to draw pictures in your mind, associate the concepts along with their practical usage and thereby retain maximum of what you learn.  

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Learning Tips for young students

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Learning Tips for young students

This article was published on 2012/11/12