Useful Tips for Encouraging Students to Take Responsibility for their Learning!

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It is the growing environment of student centered learning, which is in acceleration over centuries in the field of education.  Technology has extended its alms in motivating the learners with advanced tools that render succor to their search for individualistic learning. Of course, a tutor too has his hand in encouraging the students towards responsible learning. How to encourage?

 The minds of the learners are highly creative and innovative. Give ample scope for their thinking capabilities by allowing them to take decisions, and it is rather the duty of the teacher to channelize their ideas and thought process into a neat and proper shape. Online tutoring is a blessing in this context with its chances of a tutor’s free communication with the taught to get into his shoes and understand his mind.

It is good to make the student understand what is in the mind of the teacher, instead of tantalizing him. Once the student understands the aims and motives of the tutor, he tries his part without persuasion from the teacher and calculates his own strategies to achieve the net end.  So, express what you have in mind to teach so that the ward also is able to set his goal accordingly. Again, a tutor online has great scope in this area.

Free communication enhances a positive attitude in the student, who feels the need for his responsibility in the process of learning.

Feedbacks on both sides are to be highly recommended, which actually plays as a bridge of communication between the teacher and the taught. .  A math tutor online is sure to be successful if he takes care of this matter.

It is good if the student sets his time structure and goals for learning a subject. It promotes his interest in the subject and gets him ready for innovative planning about the course content and the methodologies to approach the subject. When he decides his goals and topics, you are sure to feel that he grows more responsible towards his learning.

Allow the student to express more and online tutor does really well here. It brings more thinking capabilities and analytical skills upon the student and he feels for certain in due course of time what he wants from the tutor and the subject.

It is not assignments and tests which decide the progress of a taught. It is his inward metamorphosis and affinity to the subject that makes the real learning outputs for a student. Recurrent tests may not develop responsibility in a learner, in contrary, he may shun the course for ever or show disinterest in the learning process.

The process of learning has to be inquisitive and creative. The whys and dos in the process will kindle the curiosity of the student to delve into the curriculum and find out means to learn for himself.

Student led conferences, seminars and collaborative undertakings are to be encouraged to overcome fear and initiate motivation for learning in the minds of the wards.

Ask questions that are open ended and critical to usher in interest, thereby responsibility in the hearts of students to come forward to learn for themselves.

Yes, it is a matter of kindling interest and motivation to promote responsibility in the learning minds, after all.

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Useful Tips for Encouraging Students to Take Responsibility for their Learning!

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Useful Tips for Encouraging Students to Take Responsibility for their Learning!

This article was published on 2013/04/17